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Server virtualization

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VSUES has been actively implementing technology of virtualization. Virtualization enables one physical server run several virtual machines. If the server has only one operating system installed, in most cases, the computational resources are used inefficiently.

Virtualization increases the number of operational systems together with the number of tasks which the systems are able to handle, and computer resources are used much more efficiently. The technology can significantly save on the purchase and maintenance of servers, as well as on electricity bills. In addition we get higher system performance and fault tolerance.

This isolates computational processes from the resources, optimizes energy consumption, minimizes potential disruptions and failures, and boosts equipment performance, thus leading to reduced overheads, enhanced reliability and increased IT infrastructure management efficiency in the university.

Virtualization covers about 105 servers that use virtualization platforms offered by different vendors: VMWare, Citrix.

Virtualization technology has proved to be of use for solving both resource intensive tasks (video hosting, webinars, proxy servers) and less demanding tasks (web hosting, mail service, web service, jabber server).