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Electronic Campus

Electronic Campus Concept

Challenges for Russian Universities

  • Status of the university as the institutional intellectual center creating new knowledge and cutting-edge designs is lost
  • The national economics does not generate a request for specialists
  • Many students have not self-actualization in Russia and they leave the country
Way for Russian Universities
Universities have to adapt to the new conditions and polycentric system of higher education will be developed, where regional universities are the centers of excellence, research, and development

For what Electronic Campus needs?

  • Informatization process of University is designed not only to help in achieving these goals, but to do this effectively
  • Fast changes – Fast reaction
  • Flexible business models
  • Efficient management
  • Competitive advantage

Electronic Campus of modern University

The purpose of computerization is creating Electronic Campus, as well as its development, implementation, support and exploitation. Electronic Campus is the basis of a contemporary university. It is what guarantees its development and competitiveness.

Electronic Campus provides the university’s operation, automation of processes, information availability and managerial decision making (Picture 1)  

Picture 1

Electronic Campus is intended to enhance the efficiency of the university processes. Enhancement of the processes efficiency concerns the following features (Picture 2):

  • shorter periods for the processes accomplishment
  • less resources to accomplish the processes
  • higher quality of the process result
  • higher productivity of the process

Picture 2

Electronic Campus comprises (Picture 3)

  • information infrastructure (by this the Campus is creating a smart house)
  • services to provide the University’s operation in every field: education process, science, and innovations (in this respect, Electronic Campus forms a digital city)
  • automated management of the University’s processes  (in this respect, Electronic Campus forms an electronic government)

Electronic Campus comprises information infrastructure and corporate informational environment.

Cloud infrastructure is an architecture of information infrastructure of the University.

Cloud infrastructure comprises (Picture 4)

  • server and computer equipment
  • means of communication – corporate network with Internet access, telecommunication equipment, IP-telephony, equipment for broadcasting video and audio information (videoconferencing, control boards, projection equipment)
  • security equipment – systems of access control, alarm systems, video surveillance
  • management of the buildings infrastructure